About Us

I am Carl and LEGO creation is my passion since when I was a kid. When I was given a LEGO set for my Christmas present (donkey’s years), I could not stop playing and I’ve created amazing things with different LEGO sets, all mix and match. Here I am a “big kid” and still building different projects, piece by piece along with my kids . . . not an excuse as I just can’t stop playing LEGO, I love it so much!

Today, I am collaborating with the contributors/ partners across the globe (more to come soon), we are excited to share informative and engaging topics in brick toys such as LEGO, Meccano, related construction toys, best sellers and high-end toys. From time to time, our contributors/ partners offer tips, articles, product reviews, press release, events etc.

The main reason for starting the site was to share my creativity through photos and YouTube as I enjoy blogging and never get bored with LEGO. This site will develop further into a thriving community with all the contests, hot news, interactive forum and more to come via the showcase page – I am hoping to create such a BUZZ by bringing all the LEGO fans from around the world and other construction toys market community.

We are all creative people in our own ways . . . feel free to showcase your brick toys project by submitting unique posts, reviews, tips or any ideas (image and/ or YouTube link is a good place to start). Once the submitted material is approved we shall pin it in the Showcase page and let the world see it! Keep sharing your talents and any ideas are welcome . . . keep it BUZZZZZZIING!