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What Makes a Toy Unsafe for Very Young Children?

Toys are your child’s most prized possessions. In most rooms of a child’s home, you will find some of their toys. They play with them from morning to night, learning as they play and developing their senses. However, with such a huge range of toys available on the market today, it is worth stopping and...

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Why You Should Eat Dinner Together As A Family?

There are many benefits of eating meals together as a family. But breakfast and lunch are not always a good time for the entire family to get together because of conflicting schedules. Dinner is often one of the only times of the day that the entire family spends time together. That makes it the perfect...

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How Much Physical Activity Should Kids Get Each Day?

Our kids are getting less and less physically active, and the population as a whole is becoming more and more obese. These two statements are undisputed fact. And they are directly related. Unfortunately, children who aren’t in the habit of getting enough physical activity and exercise at a young age tend to carry that behaviour...

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