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4 Best Types of Baby Toys for Language Development

Speech is one of the most important milestones in a child’s life. This is because the bulk of speech that children develop during their first 3 years of life greatly influences their social, emotional, and cognitive development, and also largely impacts later performance in school and critical thinking skills. For this reason, speech-language pathologists encourage...

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How to Encourage Kids to Start Learning A Foreign Language At A Young Age

How to Encourage Kids to Start Learning A Foreign Language At A Young Age# Did you know children can easily learn a foreign language if you get them started early? Doctor Erika Levy is the assistant professor of speech and language pathology at Columbia University Teachers College in New York City. She points out that...

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Toys That Can Help Your Child Learn to Speak

You want your child to learn to speak, but all they want to do is play. No problem. There are certain toys which promote learning how to speak without your child even knowing they are involved in a lesson. Pick up the following 5 types of toys that help your child learn to speak and...

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Why You Should Eat Dinner Together As A Family?

There are many benefits of eating meals together as a family. But breakfast and lunch are not always a good time for the entire family to get together because of conflicting schedules. Dinner is often one of the only times of the day that the entire family spends time together. That makes it the perfect...

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