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At What Age Should You Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

With cell phones quickly becoming the norm in modern society, the issue of what age children should have their own cell phone has never been more hotly debated. Indeed, it has become quite common to see young toddlers, barely able to talk, play with their parents’ cell phones with ease. The ease with which children...

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Toys That Can Help Your Child Learn to Speak

You want your child to learn to speak, but all they want to do is play. No problem. There are certain toys which promote learning how to speak without your child even knowing they are involved in a lesson. Pick up the following 5 types of toys that help your child learn to speak and...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Baby Wearing

From slings to wraps and pouches to mei tais, there are a lot more products made for “wearing” your baby than you may have imagined. Whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran of the pregnancy process, you might want to know what options are out there for carrying your newborn for hands-free...

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5 Simple Tips for New Dads to Bond With Their Baby

Mothers have a special bond with their children. From conception to birth children are raised in their mother’s womb. This special physiological connection simply cannot be copied by any husband or father. But there are some great ways for new dads to bond with their baby. The following 5 tips will help your newborn develop...

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Toy Ideas to Prepare Your Toddler for Reading

Many parents believe that teaching toddlers and young children to read is a job for teachers, not parents. While this might be commonplace, there is no doubt that children who are facilitated and encouraged to read at a younger age will progress more easily when it comes to formal lessons. This is a concept commonly...

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How Do Sounds, Lights and Music Benefit Babies?

Many parents believe that young babies don’t require any kind of sensory development until they have reached an age where they are actively responding and engaging with the source. The reality is that a child’s sensory development begins from the moment they are introduced to the world. Introducing them to sounds, music and lights from...

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