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How to Help Your Kids Speak Confidently in Public

Remember when you were little and you could not bring yourself to speak in public because you were shy? Well, your kids might be going through the same issue right now. You might have realized from experience that inability to express oneself in public is sometimes caused by low esteem and lack of confidence, and...

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Does Yelling at Your Kids Leave You Feeling Guilty?

How many times have you yelled at your kids in the last 24 hours? If the answer is many, you are not alone. While most parents today do not use hitting as a form of discipline, yelling (which is equally as bad) seems to be taking its place. Luckily, there are a few things that...

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4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Nurturing a child’s confidence is one of the biggest responsibilities that parents need to fulfill. After all, a feeling of self-worth makes it easy for a child to approach and interact with others, handle conflict, and avoid succumbing to negative pressures from peers. What’s more, self-confidence sets the foundation for the child’s future development. However,...

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Is Your Child Addicted to Video Games?

Many of us can remember with nostalgic fondness growing up with limited or no access to any kind of video games. It was a time when children played with physical toys and imagination was the most important tool in any child’s toy room. Nowadays, however, video games have become a staple of our children’s play...

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A Guide to Car Seat Rules for Kids

Unfortunately, many parents don’t realise that there are quite strict guidelines for baby car seats, and it very much depends on the age and size of the child as to what kind of seat they should be using. The risk to children of being injured in a car crash is surprisingly high, and that risk...

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7 Top Tips for Raising Happy Kids

As a parent you want nothing but the best for your kids. That means you would prefer your children to be happy than sad. While this may seem obvious, parents often miss out on daily opportunities to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness. The following 7 tips for raising happy kids will deliver...

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