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Safety Tips for Kids Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was the most downloaded application in the history of mobile video games in its first week of release. That statistic speaks to the addictive power of the game. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous when not played smartly. The following tips will keep kids safe and happy while playing Pokemon Go: Don’t play alone....

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At What Age Should You Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

With cell phones quickly becoming the norm in modern society, the issue of what age children should have their own cell phone has never been more hotly debated. Indeed, it has become quite common to see young toddlers, barely able to talk, play with their parents’ cell phones with ease. The ease with which children...

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A Guide to Car Seat Rules for Kids

Unfortunately, many parents don’t realise that there are quite strict guidelines for baby car seats, and it very much depends on the age and size of the child as to what kind of seat they should be using. The risk to children of being injured in a car crash is surprisingly high, and that risk...

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A Social Media Safety Guide for Tweens and Teens

Learning how to be responsible, smart and safe online is something every child should know. When your children reach their tweens and teens, they begin to spend a great deal of time online. Children that age love social media sites, where they can text, exchange pictures and post updates to show what is going on...

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Why Your Child Should Learn How to Swim?

Are you fearful of pools, lakes, oceans and other large bodies of water because you are not a very good swimmer? Maybe you have no fear of water at all, but don’t live in an area conducive to swimming. In either case, you may not think it’s important for your kids to know how to...

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