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A Guide to the Best Types of Toy for Children with Autism

Toy shopping according to age, trends, and level of fun may work for other children but for kids with autism, a little more thought and time is required when selecting toys. Several factors need to be considered to ensure you end up with the appropriate toys. What is the child’s personality trait? What are the...

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How to Help Your Kids Speak Confidently in Public

Remember when you were little and you could not bring yourself to speak in public because you were shy? Well, your kids might be going through the same issue right now. You might have realized from experience that inability to express oneself in public is sometimes caused by low esteem and lack of confidence, and...

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4 Types of Toys That Help Your Children Develop Their Social Skills

The types of toys your child plays with can dictate future behavior and inclinations. We have all seen it happen. A child develops an affinity for building blocks, and grows up to become an engineer. A child grows up engrossed in counting games and numbers, and goes on to a career in mathematics. In the...

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Should You Monitor Your Childs Computer Usage

It seems a very easy question to answer at first. Should you be tracking where your child goes online, and how much time she spends on the computer? The knee-jerk reaction by most parents is to say, “Of course!” Sometimes though, our first impulse is not always in the best interest of our children, though...

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